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Automated Diagnostic Static Motor Tester

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Keep it tested with a built-in Lithium Ion battery
Keep it connected using detachable Kelvin test leads
Keep it focused with a 10.4” daylight viewable touchscreen
Keep it stored with 480 GB of SSD internal storage and two USB ports
Keep it paperless using cloud storage for synchronised testing and reporting

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The ADX series of models are designed to perform tests at up to 15,000 V and can be coupled with power packs to increase test voltages to 30 kV or 40 kV. This flexibility allows you to conduct AC and DC motor partial discharge and low impedance testing on all motors, generators, coils, and other devices.

ADX test suite

Winding Resistance Insulation Resistance Inductance Capacitance Partial Discharge on Surge Dielectric Analysis (PD) Polarisation Index (PI) Dielectric Analysis (DA) DC Step-Voltage DC Continuous Ramped DC HiPot (High Potential Tester) Surge Test - EAR+™

The ADX is designed to increase your productivity through simplified workflows with combined manual and automatic testing, sequence-based test procedures, route-based testing, instant test-related help and customisable folder structures. The ADX is the smartest way to save you time and money.

When connected to the internet, asset management with the ADX amplifies. Combined with the PowerDB dashboard cloud-based application you can create and edit routes, assets, test configurations, and installations. These are automatically synchronised with the ADX.

Coil Test
DC Test Step

ADX developers focused on the industries and environments over the product itself. Our emphasis is understanding your needs and meeting them in a way that makes your jobs easier and prevents motor downtime. 

The diverse test capabilities of the ADX allows it to meet the testing needs of OEMs, industrial maintenance engineers, motor repair shops, and field service engineers. 

This focus is exemplified in features that include a full QWERTY water-repellant keyboard, direct printing from the ADX—both wired and wireless—, and the ability to add images to assets.

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